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Jainism is a non-theistic religion that originated in ancient India. The primary scripture of Jainism is the Agamas, which outlines a range of philosophical and ethical beliefs. Jainism emphasizes the importance of non-violence, self-control, and detachment from material possessions. Jainism is a minority religion, with around 4.2 million followers worldwide. The history of Jainism is marked by a range of significant events, including the life of Mahavira, the establishment of the Jain religion, and the spread of Jainism throughout India and beyond. Jain culture and society are diverse and rich, with a wide range of beliefs, practices, and traditions.Scripture / Holy BookAgamasOriginAncient IndiaNumber of FollowersHistory

Scripture / Holy BookOriginNumber of Followers
AgamasAncient India4.2 million
The history of Jainism spans over 2,500 years Culture and Society Jain culture and society are diverse and rich

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