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Ouagadougou is the capital city of Burkina Faso, located in the geographic center of the country. Visitors can explore the city’s history and culture by visiting landmarks such as the National Museum of Burkina Faso, which showcases the region’s art and history, and the Grand Mosque of Ouagadougou, a beautiful example of West African architecture. Other popular attractions include the Ouagadougou Cathedral, a modernist structure that serves as the seat of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Ouagadougou, and the Nazinga Game Ranch, a nature reserve that is home to a variety of animal and plant species. Cuisine and Food cultureBurkinabe cuisine is a blend of African and French influences. Staple ingredients include millet, sorghum, rice, and maize. Popular dishes include riz gras, a rice dish cooked in a tomato sauce, and poulet yassa, a chicken dish marinated in lemon and onion. Visitors should also try bissap, a refreshing drink made from hibiscus flowers.