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Maseru is the capital of Lesotho, a small country located within South Africa. Despite its small size, Lesotho has a rich culture and history. One of the most popular attractions in Maseru is the Thaba-Bosiu National Monument, which celebrates the history and culture of the Basotho people. Visitors can also check out the Katse Dam, which provides hydroelectric power to the country and offers stunning views of the surrounding landscape. Cuisine and Food cultureLesotho’s cuisine is simple but delicious, with a focus on hearty stews and grilled meats. One of the most popular dishes is papa, a porridge made from maize meal that is often served with meat and vegetables. Other local specialties include beef and mutton curry, trout from the mountain streams, and sesotho chicken, a spicy chicken dish. Make sure to try the local beer, which is made from sorghum.